English Vocab

1. PLUMMET : तेजी से गिरना 
Meaning: decrease rapidly in value or amount.
Synonyms: dwindle, diminish
Antonyms: increase, grow
Example: Because the number of deer in the area has started to plummet, deer hunting has been temporarily banned.

2. CROTCHETY : चिडचिडा 
Meaning: often in a bad mood and easily annoyed
Synonyms: grouchy, grumpy
Antonyms: happy, pleasant
Example: By the time the meal began, the youngest children were getting tired and crotchety.

3. PETULANT : दुष्ट /तुनकमिजाज 
Meaning: easily angered or annoyed, esp. in a rude way
Synonyms: impatient, fractious
Antonyms: agreeable, patient
Example: I have listened to the arguments, and have confined myself to an impatient or petulant intervention.

4. BADGER : तंग करना 
Meaning: to annoy someone by repeatedly asking questions or telling the person to do something
Synonyms: bully, goad
Antonyms: support, assist
Example: Every time we go into a shop, the kids badger me to buy them sweets.

5. STUPEFY : चकित करना 
Meaning: to shock someone; stun
Synonyms: astound, benumb
Antonyms: enliven, calm
Example: The people exclaim in horror and are stupefied with fear.

6. COMPLAISANT : मेहरबान/अनुग्रहपूर्ण 
Meaning: willing to satisfy others by being polite and fitting in with their plans
Synonyms: amiable, polite
Antonyms: discontented, antagonistic
Example: He spent the next hour setting up an alibi with two complaisant friends.

7. ABOMINATE : घृणा करना 
Meaning: to hate something very much
Synonyms: abhor, despise
Antonyms: love, like
Example: Eventually one has to bring people together and sit down with those whose records one abominates.

8. CONSTANCY : नियमितता 
Meaning: the quality of being faithful and dependable
Synonyms: steadiness, adherence
Antonyms: apathy, disgrace
Example: Constancy is what it takes to get kids to help out and develop a sense of responsibility.

9. MEEK  :  विनीत/ विनम्र 
Meaning: quiet and unwilling to disagree or fight or to strongly support personal ideas and opinions
Synonyms: submissive, passive
Antonyms: bold, brave
Example: The poor do not gain heaven, and the meek inherit the least of the earth.

10. SUPERSEDE : हटा दना/ अलग करना 
Meaning: to replace something, especially something older or more old-fashioned
Synonyms: overrule, usurp
Antonyms: keep, retain
Example: Most of the old road has been superseded by the great interstate highways.

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