English Vocab

1.GRAFT (noun) घूस
Meaning: Bribery and other corrupt practices used to secure illicit advantages or gains in politics or business.
Synonyms: corruption, deceit, fraudulence, subornation.
Antonyms: incorruptibility, honesty, probity, virtue.

Usage: From oil rip offs to mail scams, the country is infamous for fraud, kickbacks and graft.

2. STAMPEDE (noun) भगदड़
Meaning: A sudden panicked rush of a number of horses, cattle, or other animals.
Synonyms: rush, flight, rout, scattering.
Antonyms: retreat, standing.
Usage: The herd was fleeing back to the high land in a wild stampede.

3. RICKETY (adjective) जर्जरित
Meaning: (of a structure or piece of equipment) poorly made and likely to collapse.
Synonyms: dilapidated, ramshackle, derelict, ruinous.
Antonyms: stable, sturdy, durable, strong.
Usage: She then directed them to the fourth floor, giving them the choice of the stairs or a rickety lift.

4. FORECLOSE (verb) रोकना
Meaning: Rule out or prevent (a course of action).
Synonyms: preclude, prevent, remove, avert.
Antonyms: unbound, permit, allot, co-operate.
Usage:  The decision effectively foreclosed any possibility of his early rehabilitation.

5. IMPERVIOUS (adjective) अभेद्य
Meaning: unable to be affected by.
Synonyms: unreceptive, invulnerable, indifferent, insusceptible.
Antonyms: affected, exposed, responsive, vulnerable.
Usage: Over the last couple of years, he had become impervious to the disrespect and ignorance of his classmates.

6. SETBACK (noun) विलंब
Meaning: A reversal or check in progress.
Synonyms: difficulty, mishap, hitch, complication.
Antonyms: advance, breakthrough, assistance, headway.
Usage: But in order to win a war, you have to have the vision and determination to fight it despite setbacks and political difficulties.

7. SLUMP (noun) मंदी
Meaning: A sudden severe or prolonged fall in the price, value, or amount of something.
Synonyms: decrease, lowering, devaluation, depreciation
Antonyms: upturn, growth, progress, surge.
Usage: The slump in prices was largely attributed to inferior quality tea being produced by various India gardens.

8. BUCK (verb) विरोध करना
Meaning: Oppose or resist (something oppressive or inevitable).
Synonyms: oppose, contradict, defy, fight.
Antonyms: capitulate, submit, succumb, surrender.
Usage: But despite the market hurdles they face, some small brewers are bucking the trend.

9. BUOY (verb) उत्साह बढाना
Meaning: Make (someone) cheerful and confident.
Synonyms: rally, animate, invigorate, comfort.
Antonyms: depress, discourage, dishearten, dispirit.
Usage: She thinks they must be restaurant reviews and this buoys her spirits since she imagines it must mean the food is good.

10. STEM (verb) प्रतिबंध करना
Meaning: Stop or restrict (the flow of something).
Synonyms: staunch, halt, restrain, curb.
Antonyms: drive, impel, propel, stir.
Usage: It is a low tech but highly effective way of stemming the flow of illegal immigrants into this country.

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