English Vocabulary

1. Moan (verb): To make a long, low sound because of pain or suffering, or to say something in a complaining way: (कराहना, विलाप करना)
Synonyms: Groan, Wail, Grumble, Lament, Gripe
Antonyms: Gloat, Rejoice, Chortle, Exultation
Example: The injured player continued to moan as he gripped his hurt leg.
Related: Moan, Moaned

2. Demise (noun): End or death of something or someone. (अंत, देहांत, निधन)
Synonyms: Expiration, Dissolution, Quietus, Cessation, Succumb
Antonyms: Birth, Commencement, Inception, Genesis, Nativity
Example: Online newspapers are causing the demise of the traditional newspaper

3. Emanate (verb): To come out from a source. (उत्पन्न होना, निर्गत होना, निकलना)
Synonyms: Exude, Gush, Radiate, Emerge, Arise, Spew
Antonyms: Conceal, Hold, Withdraw, Absorb
Example:  If you rub the magical lamp, a genie will emanate from the bottle
Related: Emanate, Emanated

4. Foray (noun): A short involvement in an activity, an area, or a market that is different from a person or company's usual one/ a sudden attack on and entrance into hostile territory. (एक नई गतिविधि पर एक संक्षिप्त प्रयास, धावा, आक्रमण)
Synonyms: Maraud, Sortie, Sally, Raid, Pillage
Antonyms:  Defence, Retreat
Example: Before their foray into enemy territory, a scouting party was sent to observe the guard stations

5. Venture (noun) : A new activity, usually in business, that involves risk or uncertainty: (जोखिम का काम, व्यापार)
Synonyms: Gamble, Hazard, Speculation, Jeopardize, Undertaking
 Antonyms: Assurance, Certainty, Surety 
Example: Even though Justin considers himself to be very smart financially, he lost over a million dollars when his last venture failed.

6. Cartel (noun): A group of similar independent companies or countries who join together to control prices and limit competition. (उत्पादक संघ)
Synonyms: Syndicate, Conglomerate, Consortium, Partnership, Union, Association
Example: A journalist managed to infiltrate the powerful drug cartel.

7. Invariably (adverb): In every case or on every occasion; always. (हर स्थिति में, सदा)
Synonyms: Perpetually, Consistently, Forever, Constantly, Always, Unfailingly
Antonyms: Intermittently, Periodically, Sporadically, Seldom, Unusually, Never
 Example: Ever since Mr. Simpson became CEO, new hires are invariably young white males.
8. Pervasive (adjective): Existing in or spreading through every part of something. (फैलनेवाला, प्रसरणशील)
Synonyms: Prevalent, Ubiquitous, Widespread, Universal, Rife, Omnipresent
Antonyms: Localised, Limited, Parochial, Rare
Example: In many cities, police corruption is a pervasive issue that touches all communities.

9. Perishable (adjective): Liable to spoil or decay. (नष्ट होनेवाला, खराब होने वाला)
Synonyms: Decomposable, Biodegradable, Mortal, Ephemeral, Transient
Antonym:  Perdurable, Imputrescible, Indestructible, Imperishable 
Example: Butter is perishable and can go rancid

10. Grasp (verb): Seize and hold firmly or to understand something. (कोई जिसके सुझावों को नजरअंदाज कर दिया जाता है)
 Synonyms:  Grip, Clasp, Clutch, Apprehend, Comprehend, Assimilate
Antonyms: Release, Misunderstand, Relinquish
Example: Fully grasping a concept involves understanding its relationships to other concepts.
Related: Grasp, Grasped

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