ENGLISH QUIZ : 01-06-2020

Directions (1-10): In the questions below, five words are given in which four of them are similar in meaning and one word is antonym of these four words. Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the other four words.

a) Annoyance
b) Exasperation
c) indignation
d) vexation
e) delight
1) Answer: e)
Exasperation or vexation is a feeling of intense irritation or annoyance.

a) Nonchalant
b) Disinterested
c) Apathetic
d) Conscientious
e)  Insouciant
2) Answer: d)
Nonchalant means having or showing a lack of interest or concern.

a) delicate
b) unambiguous
c) nuanced
d) meticulous
e) minute
3) Answer: b)
Meticulous means made or done with extreme care and accuracy. Unambiguous means transparent.

a) adept
b) amateur
c)  unskillful
d)  unprofessional
e) dilettante
4) Answer: a)
Unskilled means not skilled in a branch of work lacking technical training. Adept is the opposite of the other four.

b) fling
c) romance
d) hatred
e) love-affair
5) Answer: d)
Amour means a kind of love-affair. So option d) is the suitable antonym.

a) qualified
b) inept
c) fitting
d) Appropriate
e) suitable
6) Answer: b)
Appropriate means something which is adapted to a use or purpose. Thus option b is the correct choice.

a) correlate
b) complement
c) supplement
d) accompaniment
e) fraction
7) Answer: e)

a) protrude
b) overlap
c) separate
d) imbricate
e) overlie
8) Answer: c)
Overlap or protrude means to extend over or past and cover a part of. Hence, option c is correct.

a) obscure
b) apparent
c) distinct
d) conspicuous
e) discernible
9) Answer: a)
Obscure is something which is not easily noticeable. So option a) is correct.

a) unobjectionable
b) inoffensive
c) innocuous
d) harmful
e) jejune
10) Answer: d)
Innocuous is something which is not likely to give offense or to arouse strong feelings or hostility.

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