ENGLISH QUIZ : 25-04-2020

Direction (1-5): Given below are three sentences I, II, III. Each sentence is divided into five parts (a), (b), (c), (d) sand (e). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake/error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence where the part (e) denotes no error. You are given five options suggesting which part of each of the sentences together can have a grammatical error. Identify the correct option.

I) (a) Cross house is already failing to meet waiting /(b) times targets for hip and knee surgeries, and /(c) the health board said the posts will be filled by locum /(d) doctors until long-term replacements can be recruited./(e)
II) (a) A source said to doctor on the ground /(b) are already under pressure and worried about /(c) the impact the latest developments /(d) will have on workload and patient care./(e)
III) (a) Patients in the north of Marshier are referred /(b) to Cross house for hip and knee replacements /(c) while those in the south go to University /(d) Hospital for the procedures./(e)
A) adc
B) bad
C) eae
D) aec
E) ccd

I) (a) Surgical advances have also helped to slash the average length of time /(b) patients spend recovering in hospital from 10 to four days /(c) helping to ease pressure on beds, but the growth in /(d) the orthopedic surgery workforce has lagged behind /(e) the increase in demand.
II) (a) The increasing number of hip and knee /(b) operations are also being carried out in /(c) the private sector either self-funded /(d) by patients or paid for by the NHS.
III) (a) There have been some recent changes within (b) orthopedic consultant staffing at University Hospital Cross house /(c) with a consultant retiring and another /(d) consultant surgeon that is on extending leaves./(e)
A) adc
B) bad
C) ead
D) aec
E) ccd

I) (a) These company then undermine /(b) national governments by using /(c) tax havens to avoid /(d) contributing to their host countries./(e)
II) (a) This is not the old war between the bourgeoisie and /(b) the industrial working class /(c) but a confrontation between ascendant managerial /(d) elites in the big cities and the left behinds in the provinces./(e)
III) (a) Suddenly, working class people in the north /(b) of England were voting in large numbers /(c) for an Eton-educated, scion of /(d) British upper class, Boris Johnson. /(e)
A) abb
B) bae
C) aed
D) bdb
E) cce

I) (a) Last Monday, the crossing was closed after /(b) cars were hit by ice blowing off the support cables /(c) and as soon as its happening icicles started /(d) crashing down on the Scottish Government too./(e)
II) (a) In the footage, the singer appears to throw a Nazi salute /(b) befores swing at a security guard, Jessie Dixon /(c) who is expected to file a lawsuit against Stewart and /(d) his 39-year-old son Sean./(e)
III) (a) It later emerged the sensors to detect ice had failed to work /(b) which was something for people to think /(c) about in the 90 minutes it took to make /(d) the detour round the bridge./(e)
A) cea
B) cde
C) abe
D) bea
E) cbe

I) (a) Alok Sharma, who was appointed as conference chief /(b) yesterday in Boris Johnson’s reshuffle /(c) and Nicola Sturgeon both receiving letter /(d)this morning from the MP./(e)
II) (a) The shadow businesssecretary spoke out as the Labor leadership /(b) hustling came to Glasgow where she was /(c) the only one of the three remaining candidates to explicitly /(d) state she could support a fresh ballot on independence./(e)
III) (a) Mr McClellan, who worked with a school janitor and lives in dismally /(b) around 25 miles from Oban said /(c) he has no complaints with the care /(d) his mother has received and did not want to name the home./(e)
A) cea
B) cda
C) abe
D) beb
E) bee

Direction (6-10): In the following question, two statements and five connectors are given. Only one of the connectors from those given can be used to combine the given two statements into one sentence without changing the meaning. Choose that connector as your answer.
I) Local authorities will not fund residential care for.
II) Who have more than £27,250 in assets, including home ownership?
A) as
B) those
C) as well as
D) yet
E) None of these

I) Lind is a conservative, and it is relatively easy to dismiss his book.
II) An apology for what American liberals like Paul Krugman call the politics of “angry white men”.
A) if
B) as
C) such as
D) instead of
E) None of these

I)  These are cultural phenomena.
II) centers of capital accumulation.
A) as well as
B) so
C) due to
D) so far
E) None of these.

I) Not the nicest place to be on a Saturday morning and as always stepping through
II) Hospital doors is like getting hit by a truck head on.
A) so far
B) instead of
C) those
D) eventually
E) None of these

I) The Nagas in Manipur have been celebrating the Lui-Ngai-Ni for over three decades.
II) This was the first time that non-Nagas community leaders came together in a large number to participate in the festival.
A) with
B) so far
C) into
D) eventually
E) None of these

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