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Read the following passage and answer the questions

People talk of memorials to him in statues of bronze or marble or pillars and thus they mock him and belie his message. What tribute shall we pay to him that he would have appreciated ? He has shown us the way to live and the way to die and if we have not understood that lesson, it would be better that we raised no memorial to him, for the only fit memorial is to follow reverently in the path he showed us and to do our duty in life and in death.
He was a Hindu and an Indian, the greatest in many generations, and he was proud of being a Hindu and an Indian. To him India was dear, because she had represented throughout the ages certain immutable truths. But though he was intensely religious and came to be called the Father of the Nation which he had liberated, yet no narrow religious or national bonds confined his spirit. And so he became the great internationalist, believing in the essential unity of man, the underlying unity of all religions, and the needs of humanity, and more specially devoting himself to the service of the poor, the distressed and the oppressed millions everywhere.

प्रश्न 1   We can pay to him real tribute by

 (अ) Raising memorials
 (ब) Following the path he showed and doing our duty
 (स) Making his statues of marble
 (द) Belying his message

प्रश्न 2   About whom is the passage written ?

 (अ) Jawahar Lal Nehru
 (ब) Mahatma Gandhi
 (स) APJ Abdul Kalam
 (द) Mrs. Indira Gandhi

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow
It is very important that you should have a clear and. accurate conception of the subject of the essay before you attempt to write on it - what exactly it is and (equally important) what it is not.
Some subjects are so simple that you can scarcely make a mistake about them; but some want looking into to define them exactly. For example, 'The uses of computers.' The subject is not how computers work. Nor is it the history of computers. Yet some students, carelessly reading the subject, might easily take up a large part of their essay with such topics.
In a short-school-essay there is no room for irrelevant matter. You have to come to the point at once, and start away with the subject. The subject in this case is the uses of computers in offices, in industries, in aircraft, in space craft, etc. It is, therefore, very necessary that you should define the subject clearly in your mind, or you may waste much time and paper in writing on more or less irrelevant matters.

प्रश्न 3   ‘Exact’ is synonym of one of the following words used in the passage.

 (अ) scarcely
 (ब) irrelevant
 (स) conception
 (द) accurate

प्रश्न 4   in writing an essay, you should -

 (अ) come to the point at once
 (ब) research on the subject for a few days
 (स) discuss it with many people
 (द) know about computers

प्रश्न 5   In a short essay the matter should be -

 (अ) irrelevant
 (ब) relevant
 (स) detailed
 (द) dull

प्रश्न 6   According to passage, an essay on the ‘Uses of computers‘’ should tell us -

 (अ) how computers work
 (ब) about the history of computers
 (स) about the assembly of computers
 (द) about the uses of computers in different offices and departments

प्रश्न 7   In the writer's opinion, chances of making mistakes are minimum in essays on

 (अ) difficult subjects
 (ब) simple subject
 (स) computer subject
 (द) science subjects

प्रश्न 8   When one starts writing an essay, one should

 (अ) be clear and accurate about the subject of the essay
 (ब) never bother about the subject
 (स) write whatever one known
 (द) be superficial

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow it. Each question has 4 options. Choose the correct option/answer for each question :
I worked for a brief while in a college in Delhi, and among my more uncomfortable memories is a language exercise, I gave a group of eight undergraduates : I asked them to imagine that they had already graduated and wanted them to write an application for a suitable job. Seven of the eight students wrote applications for the jobs of clerks. Even in one of the good universities, and in a college that had a reputation for its academic standards, the system has snuffed out all youthful ambition.
Choose the correct option from the given passage:

प्रश्न 9   “Snuffed out” in the passage means -

 (अ) encouraged
 (ब) killed
 (स) incited
 (द) persuaded

प्रश्न 10   According to the author, the system had -

 (अ) killed the students’ ambitions.
 (ब) motivated the students’ ambitions.
 (स) taught them to write applications.
 (द) inspired them to become scholars and scientists and statesmen.

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