English Vocab

1. LOUSY : घटिया
Meaning:very bad
Synonyms:awful, horrible
Antonyms: good, great
Example:The pizza was so incredibly lousy that she wouldn’t even give it to her worst enemy.

2. WRETCHED : निम्न गुणवत्ता का
Meaning: unpleasant or of low quality
Synonyms: abject, deplorable
Antonyms: blessed, bright
Example:The people live in wretched conditions, with no running water.

3. IMPERTINENT : अभेद्य
Meaning:rude and not showing respect, especially towards someone older or in a higher position than you
Synonyms: arrogant, brash
Antonyms: kind, polite
Example:I hope he didn't think I was being impertinent when I asked him about his private life.

4. DERISIVE : व्यंग्यात्मक
Meaning:mocking and ridiculing
Synonyms: cheeky, scornful
Antonyms: polite, respectful
Example:The bully let out a derisive laugh when mocking his classmate’s nerdy glasses.

5. ELUSION : टाल-मटोल
Meaning:The action of escaping from or avoiding a danger, enemy, or pursuer, typically in a skillful or cunning way.
Synonyms: prevention, escapism
Antonyms: stay, confront
Example:His continued elusion of the authorities frustrated the President.

6. INDIGENOUS : स्वदेशी
Meaning:naturally existing in a place or country rather than arriving from another place
Synonyms:domestic, endemic
Antonyms:alien, foreign
Example:The Navajos are among the indigenous people of North America.

7. GUSSY : सुशोभित
Meaning:to make someone or something look more attractive or impressive
Synonyms: adorn, beautify
Antonyms: deface, spoil
Example:The museum will put finishing touches on new exhibits and gussy up old ones in time for the grand reopening.

8. RECENSION : पाठ-चयन
Meaning:the act of revising a text
Synonyms: alteration, revision
Antonyms: worsening
Example:Even an excellent book must undergo recension from time to time, as no book is as good as it could be in its very first iteration.

9. ENDEARING : प्रीतिकर
Meaning:bringing forth feelings of love and affection
Synonyms:captivating, charming
Antonyms:hateful, loathsome
Example:You have to wonder about people who donʼt find kittens and puppies endearing.

10. INSENTIENT : बेसुध
Meaning:lifeless or not having feelings or emotions
Synonyms: senseless, unfeeling
Antonyms: erudite, astute
Example:Still-life paintings of insentient fruit baskets and other inanimate objects are the artist’s favorite to create.

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